​Try Happiness As A Lifestyle!

This is a simple way to make a difference!

Sometimes all it takes is a smile!
Smiles are contagious and the benefits are amazing! 
Smiles can change a bad day, week or maybe even a life! 

  About The #SmilesChallenge    

The Simple Rules:
Here's how it works!

Commit to 7 days! Showing kindness to strangers and getting them to smile or laugh is the goal! 
Focusing on someone else is what this is about!

Getting one smile a day is the goal!
If you get a laugh that's even better!
Personal Note:
One of my favorite quotes:
"Kindness is not an act, it's a lifestyle!"  ~Anthony Douglas
Starting with you, make the world a happier place! You will see the difference one person can actually make! This started as a simple experiment. The results have been astounding.

Try the challenge! It could change your life, perspective and possibly your heart!

Happiness is for sale everywhere you look these days. Why spend money when you can experience it for FREE!

The "7DaysOfSmiles" is not about money! It is about smiles, laughter and having fun. We all need these things.
True happiness should be EASY and FREE!

On Twitter use: #ShareASmile or #KindnessIsLove
when you are doing the #SmilesChallenge


Try it NOW! Remember, it's FREE and EASY! The challenge only takes a little commitment and time! Join me!
Let's make the world smile again!

Anyone can participate!

No discrimination!
No exclusions!

Challenge someone else!
Explain what you are doing and ask them to join you!

Have fun! Be creative!
Do it your way!

There is no right or wrong!

Share your experiences!
You'll be amazed at the smiles and laughs this can create!